About Us



DSD for short, is a fitness brand specializing in contemporary ready-to-wear men and  women's clothing. The designer brand is for the men and women who effortlessly blends bold colors for the modern cutting-edge look.

Intricately detailed prints and prismatic tints of hues and shenny embellishments come together to craft a utopian design for the fashion-forward tastemaker.

My name is Diane PattersonSmith

I started this company because as a teen i always wanted to be a fashion designer, and i love fitness. I come from a family of many seamstresses and i learned how to sew at a early age. I started making my own clothes. Unfortuantely in 2013 had a illness that kept me from my dream, but i bounced back.

In 2019 i was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer without a very good chance of living through it. But with the grace of God and the support of my family and friends, im now celebrating my 1st year of being cancer free!

Now im pursuing my dream with my clothing line DSD. I wanted to design clothing that represents me and my love for fitness, and how you can beat anything if you really want to. 

I want everyone to feel my passion in my designs and just know that you should never give up on anything, especially your dreams.